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Did you know, that you can purchase a well bred puppy from an ethical breeder using titled and fully health tested dogs(OFA included not just genetic panels), breeding to standard for LESS than most puppies from non standard parents, who do not have complete health testing nor meet breed standard! That means that you get to vote with your hard earned dollars which type of breeders you support!

When we breed a litter, we are always trying to improve type(pretty) structure and movement, temperament is still our biggest priority, because all dogs are pets, even show dogs! 

Each litter is raised in our home and handled daily by adults and children using the Puppy Culture program. Puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation(ENS), socialization, and basic response training before they go home. We try to expose the puppies to as many new experiences as we can in a safe environment. We do daily training sessions, nails and grooming, car rides, and begin crate and potty training puppies to help us learn their personalities, likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as basic temperament assessments before selecting the puppy who may continue our lines for us as well as to help you decide who may be the best fit for your family. Our goal is confident puppies who are excited to learn, explore their world, and try new things! Shy, scared puppies tend to become aggressive, therefore confidence and boldness are something we really select for! Our breed standard states “Outlook bold, but kindly. Expression intelligent and interested. Never shy or vicious.”












We make our selection for our program somewhere between 8-10 weeks, after we can fully get to know each puppies personality traits, watch them move, and get an idea of their conformation. Once our selection is made, we will share notes and videos from each puppy with those on the waitlist to help you determine which puppy will best fit your lifestyle. It is extremely important to us that each puppy is placed in a loving home that fits their personality and energy level!  You must fill out an application and be moved to the wait list to be considered for a puppy.

Puppies are dewormed at every two weeks and receive their first two 5-way vaccinations at 7 & 10 weeks of age. Puppies will be examined by an OFA certified ophthalmologist as well as a well check and health certificate from our veterinarian. Socialization does not end when the puppy leaves our care and we highly recommend attending a puppy class! We try to attend classes with our keeper puppies, because while we can train at home, it provides excellent socialization and new experiences for the puppies.

Occasionally after keeping what we think is pick of our litter and growing them up, we realize that for some reason or another that we won't be showing or breeding them. These older puppies are very well socialized, house trained, and ready to live the best pet life without the training requirements of a 10 week old puppy... other times we retire a female after a litter or two, and are fully trained as well. We don't post our older and retiting dogs, as we want them to go to homes that appreciate an older pup/dog, however we love to keep a list of homes for these - if an older than puppy age interests you please note this on your application - they are always great quality just like our puppies!

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