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Frequently Asked Questions



Why do you breed dogs?

  We breed because we love the Pembroke Welsh Corgis! We want our dogs to still have the herding instincts of their ancestors, but be able to adapt to todays world as a family dog. We also select for structure and longevity, so that your dog can spend a long time with you. 


What will my puppy cost?

    We charge $2500 per puppy. And before you say that is too much, please remember that we show both parents as well as do expensive tests, such as X rays to check for Hip Dysplasia. We also do extra training and enrichment activities with the puppies that not every breeder does. We put our heart and soul into each and every puppy that we raise, and want them to go to the best home for them.


 How will I pick my puppy up? 

  Depending on where you live, we can drive to Cheyenne,WY, and as far as Denver. We can also discuss driving to meet you within a 3 hour range. You can also fly to come pick up your puppy! All arrangements for flying should be made 2-3 weeks in advance of picking up the puppy so that we can get the paperwork necessary for them to fly. We DO NOT fly puppies via cargo.


Will my corgi shed?

 YES!! Pembrokes lose a ton of hair, so be ready! You can make it easier to manage by combing or brushing 1-3 times a week.


Will my corgi get along with my other dogs?

  It will really depend on the corgi. In most cases they get along well with other dogs, and we select for easy to live with temperaments. We will also select homes for the puppy based on their disposition type.


Why should I get a puppy from parents who have shown and been awarded titles?

  We show for judges to compare our dogs to the breed standard, in order to keep selecting for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi type. Another thing to consider is, show dogs require a higher level of training and a special type of disposition in order to do well in the Conformation show ring as well as obedience. They must be willing to learn as well as be able to hold up in a sometimes very stressful situation and handle it without missing a beat.

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