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Sometimes it takes going back to our roots to BLOOM...

Merrygold Corgis

We started here at Merrygold with a love of Pembrokes and a history of ranching. We started with dogs who had incredible herding skills, freewhelped litters, and were excellent mothers who raised pets with stellar dispositions for family pets. As we learned more about breed type, structure and movement, we began using show lines with titled CH dogs with great health and longevity, but somewhere along the way we lost ourselves. Over the last few years we have had more c-sections that we hoped for in a lifetime, temperament has been less consistent and the dogs ability to breed naturally, whelp their own litters, and mother without assistance wasn't there.... The lack of available vet care across the counrty during covid was the wake up call we needed..  which brings us to getting back to our roots. Our cattle horses and sheep are selected for breeding early in the season, giving birth and mothering with minimal assistance... We still believe God knew what he was doing and these fantasic little herding dogs we love so much should be bred for healthy reproduction, immune systems, and longevity. We want easy going family dogs who know when its time to work livestock or time to relax with family. We still show and title our dogs in conformation, as we will always select for good structure and movement, but we won't breed to the sire of the month or the popular sires. You will see us using dogs whose history we know well, and focusing on improving the lines we have here on the ranch. Along the way, we expect some really nice pets to be available to loving pet homes who love this breed as much as we do! We don't expect our puppies to turn a profit - we want to keep our prices reasonable enough to cover our expenses and allow you to choose a well bred puppy in the same price range as those who are being mass produced and marketed without any health history or guarantee.

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