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 Long ago, corgis were originally used to herd livestock in the area of Wales. While Cardigans were used to gather the animals, Pembrokes had the job of droving or pushing the livestock to market. Today, neither breed is often used for its original purpose, but we feel it is important to preserve this important characteristic of the breed. We enter our dogs in Herding Insticnt Tests (HIT) to test for this ability and drive to herd. It is important not to lose this valueable trait of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Browning herding 1.png
Browning herding 2.png
Rue herding 1.png

Fast CAT

Fast CAT is something our dogs love doing at shows for a fun break from the rally and confromation rings. They get to run as fast as they can for fun.

Mike national fast cat 2.jpeg
Quincee nationals fast cat.jpeg
Bowser FAST cat.jpg
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